Goodbye Golden Squirrel, say hello to Itemlist!

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Goodbye Golden Squirrel, say hello to Itemlist!

Exciting news! Golden Squirrel is rebranding to Itemlist.

New Name

Even though Golden Squirrel is a lovely name, it’s hard to spell and remember (especially for non-English native speakers).

It was time to evolve the brand and find a simpler app name.

The new chosen name is Itemlist. It combines simplicity and recognizability. It’s easy to remember and it describes what the app is.

A squirrel will stay as a mascot of the app and Golden Squirrel’s spirit will still continue to live.

New name Itemlist

New Icon

A beautifully crafted new icon clearly reflects the core functionality of the app. It’s inspired by skeuomorphic design prior to iOS 7 with organic textures and colors.

It was created by a brilliant designer Yannick Lung from Germany.

New Itemlist icon

New Colors

The updated color scheme is heavily inspired by the turquoise colors of Brienz lake in Switzerland.

Its calming nature gives you a sense of ease and inspiration when sorting your inventory.

Brienz lake colors
Itemlist new colors

New Font

With the new branding, it was time to switch from the default font to one that reflects the brand’s values. The chosen font is Nunito, designed by Vernon Adams, Cyreal and Jacques Le Bailly. Its rounded characteristic gives it a fun and friendly appearance.

Inventory management is usually not associated with fun, however, Itemlist’s mission is to change it.

New Itemlist font

Extra features added in this update

Alternate App Icons

You can now choose from 3 different icons: an Itemlist icon, a Golden Squirrel icon, and a third surprise icon.

Features Wishlist

You can now vote for features you want to be implemented next. You can also request features to be added to the Wishlist.

What lies ahead for Itemlist?

Itemlist’s mission is to make inventory management fun and effortless for families and small businesses.

Future improvements will focus on collaboration features for sharing your inventory with your family and colleagues. It will make Itemlist more powerful than ever.

Reply to this email with your thoughts about these rebranding changes. I'm excited to see your reactions.

Damjan Dabo,
Itemlist Creator

Want to try out the new look of Itemlist? Download it on the App Store 📲