How to Organize Your Home with ADHD [5 ADHD Adult Organization Tools]

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Learn about 5 home organization tools for people with ADHD. Make your home organization easier and more enjoyable.

How to Organize Your Home with ADHD [5 ADHD Adult Organization Tools]
5 ADHD Home Organization Tools

With ADHD, you may find it hard to keep your home organized and clutter-free. You may struggle with planning, prioritizing, remembering, or completing tasks. Some tools can help you overcome these challenges. They will make your home organization easier and more enjoyable.

Here are 5 ADHD adult organization tools for you:

1. Sticky Notes and Labels

One of the most common challenges for people with ADHD is remembering things. Whether it’s your deadlines, your appointments, your medications, or your goals, you may find yourself forgetting them. That’s why sticky notes and labels can be very helpful for organizing your home with ADHD.

Some tips for using sticky notes and labels are:

  • Use different colors or shapes to categorize your notes or labels. For example, you can use yellow for urgent tasks, green for household chores, blue for personal goals, etc.
  • Place your notes or labels where you can easily see them. For example, you can stick them on your fridge, your mirror, your door, your computer, etc.
  • Review and update your notes or labels regularly. For example, you can check them every morning and evening, and cross off or remove the ones that are done or no longer relevant.
  • Don’t overdo it. Too many notes or labels can be overwhelming and distracting. Only use them for the most important or difficult things that you need to remember or organize.

2. Whiteboard

Another tool that can help you keep your home organized with ADHD is a whiteboard. You can also use it to create a family calendar, a chore chart, a menu plan, or a shopping list.

A whiteboard is useful for people with ADHD because it helps you see the big picture and stay focused on your priorities. It also helps you communicate with your family members or roommates and coordinate your activities. You can erase and update the whiteboard as often as you need and customize it to suit your needs.

3. Home Inventory App

A home inventory app is a tool that can help you organize your home with ADHD. A home inventory app allows you to create a digital record of all the items you own, and store them in different locations, rooms, and containers. You can also add details such as photos, barcodes, descriptions and prices to your items, and search them easily with keywords or filters.

One of the best home inventory apps for people with ADHD is Itemlist. Itemlist is a simple iOS and iPadOS app that makes it easy to track and organize your items. It helps you never forget where you put something again.

With Itemlist, you can:

  • Create custom locations, rooms, and containers to categorize your items. For example, you can create a location for your home, a room for your bedroom, and a container for your closet.
  • Search your items by their barcodes with a barcode scanner. This feature can help you find your items in the app quickly and easily, without having to type or remember their names.
  • Export your items and containers to a CSV Spreadsheet file. This feature can be especially useful for insurance purposes. You can provide a list of your belongings to your insurance company in case of loss, theft, or damage. It ensures you are fairly compensated.

4. Automatic Smart Appliances

Automatic smart appliances can perform tasks automatically or remotely without human intervention. They are connected to the internet and can be controlled by voice commands or mobile apps. Some examples of automatic smart appliances are automatic pet feeders, robot vacuums, air purifiers, smart lawnmowers, smart sprinklers, etc.

Automatic smart appliances can help you save time and energy on routine chores that may be boring or tedious for you. That way you can put your focus on other important things. They also help you maintain a clean and healthy environment in your home by reducing dust, allergens, odors, or pests. You can also monitor and adjust the settings of your appliances from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

5. Bluetooth Tracker as AirTag or Tile

An Airtag or Tile is a small device that you can attach to your keys, wallet, phone, or any other item that you tend to lose or misplace. It is connected to an app on your smartphone or tablet that can help you locate your item using Bluetooth technology.

An AirTag or Tile is a lifesaver for people with ADHD because it helps you prevent losing or wasting time looking for your items. It also helps you reduce your frustration and stress levels by giving you peace of mind that you can always find what you need. You can also use it to share the location of your items with your family members or friends in case they need them.

Try These Tools Today and Enjoy Your Home

You have learned about five amazing tools that can help you organize your home with ADHD. But the best one is Itemlist, the app that helps you track and locate your items with ease. Itemlist is simple, powerful, and designed for people like you. It saves you time and stress, and gives you peace of mind.

Why wait? Download Itemlist for free from the App Store now and take control of your belongings.

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You deserve to have a home that you love and enjoy. Try these tools today and see the difference for yourself! 😊